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Soleil Excursions

“Soleil Excursions”, sun in our hearts in Pointe-Noire!

A still too little-known town in Basse-Terre in Guadeloupe, Pointe-Noire is nevertheless full of natural treasures, authenticity and breathtaking landscapes.

In Pointe-Noire, the Sun has a very special place in the hearts of its inhabitants. It is not for nothing that an entire section is called “Beau Soleil” for which Naël has a particular attachment, or that the famous carnival group Pointe Noiriens proudly bears the name “Soleil D’argent”.

It is therefore with great meaning that “Soleil Excursions” was born in Pointe-Noire, and thus the wish to put sunshine in the hearts of all the adventurers on the boat.

Observing cetaceans in their natural environment in the Caribbean Sea has taken a place in Naël's heart and he has chosen to involve you in this wonderful adventure.


Naël, your captain during your cetacean observation trip in Guadeloupe

Originally from Baille-Argent, in the town of Pointe-Noire in Guadeloupe. Naël is a child of the sea, never far from the fishing port, from a very young age, he has one foot on land and the other in the Ocean.

Passionate and committed, initially a professional fisherman for several years, the sea no longer holds any secrets for him.

Later, he moved with just as much passion and professionalism towards cetacean observation with his captain's 200 certificate in his pocket.

Formed by the AGOA sanctuary, Naël created Soleil Excursions in 2018 with the idea of sharing his passion and his love for these giants of the sea by proposing a responsible, respectful approach.

Each outing is an experience, one could almost say “an adventure” for him as well as for you. Naël is keen to share with you his love of his profession, the sea: his playground, his knowledge, and his experience. Concentrated, precise, efficient and passionate, he is able to make you experience an unforgettable moment, in any case; his most precious wish.

We would tend to say that he is very particular about schedules, but he makes a point of offering a quality debrief before you get on the boat.

Soleil Excursions in a few figures



The company Soleil Excursions created In 2018, aims to offer the opportunity to observe cetaceans in their natural environment while respecting a gentle and respectful approach.

Sea trips


We carry out more than 350 sea trips each year and each excursion is unique.



Obviously whales, dolphins, sperm whales or even orcas live in their natural habitat and we have no control over them. But with your efficient, focused and highly experienced captain, when it comes to finding cetaceans, you have a 97% chance of seeing them!



More than 3,500 passengers each year discover these magnificent marine mammals with wonder and leave with lasting memories.



The distribution of the Great Sperm Whales is worldwide. They live particularly in great depths. Females and young stay in warm waters while adult males live in cold waters. They return to warm waters to breed between January and May.


Pantropical spotted dolphins are found in all tropical and subtropical seas, between 30-40°N and 20-40°S. They live both along the coast and off the coast. It is one of the most encountered species in the waters of the AGOA Sanctuary.


Fraser's dolphins live in the open ocean at depths greater than 500 m and throughout tropical and subtropical oceans. These dolphins live to be around 18 years old, measure between 2 - 2.7 meters, and weigh between 160 and 210 kg.


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